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Real-time Visitors

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If you wish, you can use the Pollmi completely free of charge; however, if you wish to white-label our services and have ad-free solutions we can offer more economical solutions compared to similar services.
You can easily manage all your websites from all your devices with Pollmi's easy to use management panel and we offer many more monthly views than the similar services.
To start using Pollmi, all you have to do is click the register button to register and start adding your websites. Once you've added the tiny code to your websites, you're ready to send messages and create polls.


The features listed below are just part of the wonderful features of Pollmi.
You can view all the features yourself. Register now for free.


manage all of your websites simultaneously

You can manage all your websites with master polls and messages.


get your visitors opinion in real-time

Send polls to your visitors at any time for any duration.


follow interactions with pop-messages and polls in real-time

Poll and message interaction information changes in real time. 


easy to use from all your devices

Easily manage with the control panel compatible with all devices and browsers.


use for real-time promotion

Share your campaigns instantly with users with pop-up messages


regardless of infrastructure use at all your websites

Simply add the code generated for your website to your website

choose your package
All packages includes master message and master poll tools allows you to send
messages and polls to all the websites you have at the same time.



Our completely free package. If you wish, you can use it forever free or for trial purposes. 




Use at all websites you manage without limits, publish unlimited polls. Ideal for websites with high page views.



Ad-free, completely white-label. Use at 10 websites and enjoy all the cool features.

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With a handy and very simple control panel, you can easily manage your websites from your computer, tablet, and phone; and can easily follow instant interactions and real-time survey results.

Pollmi at everywhere
Whatever your website's infrastructure, you can start using Pollmi immediately
Just add a little code to your website

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16 Aug 2018

We like it!

We like it and you will like it. Send pop-polls and pop-messages quickly to all your websites with a simple control panel. You should try the free package we prepared for you.

01 Sep 2018

Everything real-time!

How many visitors are there at your websites? How many times is your messages viewed? How many votes is your poll recieved? All information is real-time and you will not need to refresh.

06 Oct 2018

Your opinion matters!

We care about your ideas and wishes. We carefully evaluate all the suggestions and requests you provide to us via the contact page and improve our tools.